Mission Statement

“Our Focus on small business philosophy is key

Mighty Fleiss Radio (Your Mixed State, LLC) are committed to the planning, creation, branding, delivery, & professional selling of high quality  commercial advertising to small business & agency throughout the globe. Mighty Fleiss Radio promise to execute all business dealing with all customers on ethical grounds that encompass strong ethics values, honor, integrity online, & transparency for all customers

For us, it’s personal first class customer service that’s paramount to map out our success together. We listen to every comment, query, and suggestion you have with open ears, heart, & mind

Our tide turning business strategy, methodology, & expertise allow us to accommodate superior communications with your target audience. As we rethink possible future options on new technology moving forward, our branding, each word perfect, will breathe new & improved life into your advertising campaign

As teachers of “The Green Goat Method of Accord”, a new commercial Philosophy of Language, Mighty Fleiss Radio seek reciprocal treatment & respect from clients as we nurse, then establish our position as the champion & leader of Independent advertiser technique” – #7


Mighty Fleiss Radio will never exploit women in advertising
Mighty Fleiss Radio will never harm or kill animals in advertising
Mighty Fleiss Radio will never exploit the mentally ill for profit


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