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Took Johnson Risperdal today
Delusions of grandeur have gone away
California Pharmacy Day
Still it’s real, eyes peel over the counter
freeze…CIA”  excerpt Fargo on Horizon

edit 9/13/2011

Mighty Fleiss Radio is a freelance advertising agency specializing in Internet & mobile video advertising. What started as an idea for a new & improved independent commercial music brand, has now morphed into the soft launch of advanced Copy Engineering, Visual Engineering, plus the development of skills that pioneer the ZY! Shadow network

We can help you play off something your currently doing in-market that you wish to extend or help create a new campaign from scratch catering to any varity of needs

Combined, this philosophy of commercial branding & language is called “The Green Goat Method of Accord”, an independent advertiser technique whose potency creates the viral elevator. It’s the new deal in video advertising

Glen Naughty (whose real name is Glenn Richards) runs Mighty Fleiss Radio from Anaheim in Orange County, California near Knott’s Berry Farm, Medieval Times, & Disney

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance by using contact forms below

– – – – –

New Zealand born, Glen ugly Naughty (GuN) first learned to play guitar outside the British High Streets HMV’s & Virgin Mega Stores busking for a few sympathy quid tossed by local travelers & farmers.

Immigration to the US results with a signed indie recording artist agreement on Theologian Records producing the short lived classic 90’s grunge band The Fondled. It’s toast.

A decade later GuN now vows to repair the broken music scene with word perfect indie pop lyrics & anthem like tunes; a wake up call 2 the major label executives who allstate the same agenda; a modern plague of chronic greed.

The first 2005 Fleiss release on 7″ vinyl 45 rpm could be described as both “A bundle of joy that lays on life times cascade” and post humorously an “indie pop flop” Sadly days following the release, GuN was hospitalized by The Mayo Clinic & Kaiser Permante for Mixed State, a symptom of manic depression. Wheels spinning in the sands, he was assigned a guardian as the clockwork came to a stop light.

Upon recovery in 2009 The Fleiss plan to record their first full length recording on Your Mixed State, LLC, the newly formed commercial music corporation. Focus on quality is paramount; an elevator. As an explorer & pioneer of new Acoustasonic sounds, plans to release & license new music span the horizon with opportunities abundant like angels who sing with a harper in the heaven’s stars.

9/2011 The Fleiss become Mighty Fleiss Radio when betrayed by unethical ISP GoDaddy.com

Preferred method of communication 4 Mighty Fleiss Radio is telepathy. Think & concentrate GuN 2 reach  Glen Naughty.

Otherwise old school is o.k

e-mail – Your Mixed State, LLC

United States Postal Service

Your Mixed State, LLC
Attn: management
PO Box 9830
Anaheim, CA 92812


2 Responses to About US

  1. What do you think of Amazon’s decision to dump California’s affiliates? Makes you wonder how much commission Amazon is still siphoning off from affiliate sites in California that haven’t been able to change all their codes because they have so many links.

    Right in the middle of the Great Wall Street Derivatives Depression where thousands are just hanging on and could use the few dollars they get from all their website market.

    • Hi Oxnard,

      Thanks for your comment

      I thinks it’s a lousy heartless decision. I’m angry & feel sorry for those who really did make a lot of money as affiliates. I didn’t make much money, but have they’ve lost my business as a consumer that’s for sure. Big business rears it’s ugly head I guess

      Linkshare & Commission Junction are some great alternatives where you don’t have all your eggs in one basket, at least if an online retailers decides they’ve got no time for the little guy

      The worst I’ve had so far from the Internet giants was GoDaddy.com who took my customers service information & (a request for my password so I could renew an old account name that was still available – despite their claim ) & then sold my information overseas. Then offered to negotiate it back for back 4 me for $69.00 + 10% negotiation fee. No thanks GoDaddy

      Needless to say, I’d say big business has as much explainning to do for their action at times as the government

      I think we need a commitment to buy local so we create jobs in California. All state, city, & county will benefit from existing sales taxes, income taxes plus new taxes created by jobs creation. US Jobs are sorely needed anyhow. This nexus tax thing has got me motivated to pursue this avenue

      There needs to be a balance where goverment makes a fair cut & the business folks who take a risk can have their payday too

      New & Improved Life!


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