income derived from nothing is nothing short of A Miracle

state of california tax lien copyDear John Chiang, State Controller

Yesterday, i did walk down 2 United States Post Office & collect my Mother’s mail & buy stamps. Pick it up, so to speak. Naturally speaking A limp is perhaps better descriptive word as pain on my knee & pain down my back following my accident is excruciating

When i read my letter that came in the mail…my jaws dropped

Its A tax bill Lien, post total of $1488.45 on an $800.00 tax that does not exist. That an big whooper of an 86% penalty

State of California…your creation of A tax Lien on A tax that does not exist is immoral. Reason as follows. Its just not possible 2 exist both within reality & with any legal standing. I would value an opinion from an impartial judge Supreme Court of California

First. Everything’s existence is drawn from the essence of an existence of another thing (unless you’re God)
Similar as Chevron or British Petroleum Gasoline is extracted from Oil, like Orange juice is extracted from Orange fruit, a human being draws its existence from existence of other human beings, & A tax is extracted from something that is taxable such as income, profit, retail, or the like

Exception: Virgin immaculate conception (works of God (although God must bee something too))

‘Nothing’ is not taxable. 10% of nothing is nothing no matter how many ways you skin A cat. When State of California Franchise Tax Board charge ‘tax on nothing’, based on an income of nothing, accounts receivable of nothing, no sales, etc. then their collectible tax is ‘nothing’

Do you need new calculator! Casio, Texas Instruments have the specials right now!

Perhaps this type of ‘bill 4 nothing’ could be viewed as ‘fees’, another delemma & difficult 2 justify when small business must ‘pay 2 play’ on United States participation of our so called free enterprise

So i’ve taken another freedom, liberty, so to speak. My action based on your own logic

I have sent you billings of one billion dollars. Please remit or face ludicrous penalty plus intimidation by collections agency. I have derived this number by supplying State of California goods & services valued @ absolutely nothing. Zero

I’m sure you’ll agree. One billion dollars accounts receivables income derived from nothing will help me pay my taxes from derived nothing

Nothing short of A Miracle

(although i’d say pretty darn unethical)



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