State of the Orange County & RESTful nation

Although Obamacare healhcare reform is success by reason, & knowledge supplied of Altima, Barack Hussein Obama did not get an Accord with Benjamin Netanyahu

As our country regroup, now with Japanese & Asian trade barriers on all Japanese & Asian cars likely, all is quiet on the western front,

with Orange County, change, all the 39 steps r complete

We need 2 seriously rethink who our allies r when Honda Pilot attack our recovery efforts, an insult 2 all Vietnam Vets, or those who have sacrificed in the field & online

Honda executives r disgrace, & insult 2 all those honorable hero out there who Pilot like United States Air Force, United States Marines, United States Navy, Air Force One, California Coast Guard, United States Coast Guard & every other volunteer, miliary, agent, or citizen who has contributed & sacrificed 2 US financial recovery

I believe Honda endorse this thuggery practice & should not mess or sabotage my personal property

Honda. You think you’ re God’s Almighty. Only thugs we like r written word, scripts, & Hollywood make-believe who get short end of stick. Always

You’re Honda motorcycles sucks when compared 2 Harley Davidson too

Big joke. I trust will backfire on you Honda

Thompson GuN


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