U suck!!!

You better start liking pets moore. You better start liking my dog & my cat
You should allow dogs on housing, its great 4 economy, pet food, pet supplies, Iams, Vets, veterinarians, retail, PetCo, PetCity, PetSmart, bones, prescription drugs, woof woof, bark, toys, Target, K-Mart, Sears, family $1,00,

Baskets, blankets, petmeds, 1800-numbers, pet med, bandages, shampoo, medicated shampoo, FrontLine, not Advantage,

pooper scooper, clothing, jackets, booties, collars, chains, licenses, choke, collar, leash, exercise, parks, beach, birds, seed, cage, kitty, litter, picture frames,

new carpet, stain remover, cleaner, Clorox, sponge, paint,

Camera, memory, Quality of Life, friends, loyalty, post photo on Facebook, pride, birth, death,
Peter Singer, philosopher, Princeton would call you Personist

Deposit Money

but there’s nothing you can do – cause U suck!!!


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