Gimme A Break! California Tax too High, also too…existant

your-mixed-state-franchise-state-boardboohoo. Yes on prop 33 cause i need more money now!

Just got letter in the mail from State of California Franchise State Board. Gee thanks

FEIN tax years 04/10 (wotever that means) no doubt 09/10/11/12 all coming soon

New Balance Due $1303.15 (was $800 now with penalties, interest, & fees

Final notice, butt could bee A con…ive heard of such things…on Jan Normans Blog

Heres my beef though, ill b brutally honest…its A Whopper

i’ve beanz @ University of California Los Angeles, JC, & State mental hospital during those recent years. My condition is deteriorating worse. A Social Security Disability. Dang that Manic depression. My Life hangs by a thread…

ive sane enough 2 believe however, its unconstitutional 2 tax Californians (or any other US citizen, as an individual, small businesses, or big business) on money that thev’e never earned. Period

This attached doc shows clear…its tax…plus interest…penalty…fee

Regardless of weather your state considers “privilege” 2 do business, like California…free enterprise…it’s not

Concept of freedom, free enterprise, or free the economist, should not include “Pay 2 play” policy like State of California. California should Champion Spirit of the entrepreneur, not kill spirit like State of Arizona (who know this business name all too well you bastards)

When State of California “allows” an individual or business 2 conduct business within state…puts collections, agents, & leins…based on taxation of an income that was never earned or received…then there is no free market, no free enterprise…& there should bee one

A private business cannot charge customers 4 goods or services they don’t deliver on any moore than Government can tax your income if you don’t have one!!!

You cannot collect tax on what does not exist. Any % of zero is zero

That State of California policy of taxing “nothing” is control economy…& against America & United States principles. It’s A Poly Olympic size hurdle 4 many future company heads who need 2 pull themselves “literally & figuratively” out of the gutter now

California residents pay 2 much tax, California businesses pay 2 much taxes, California students pay too much principle on student loans, taxes r too high, & 2 pay taxes on money that was never earned is fundamentally wrong

Would b curious 2 hear opinion of Judge

$1303.16 taxes, interest, & fees on an income of zero 2009/201o is too high…too existant

An option box of “Prison” rather than pay tax on thin air please…i’d cross that

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