Danger Unexploded Bomb – sample script

to do -my car registration missing AWOL

Danger Unexploded Bomb 2099- sample script

Special Airforce task force grounded post cyber-apocoliptic San Diego California

They need 2 find their wings

Special task force name tbd
international coalition of jet fighter pilot
US Airforce, Canada,  India, United Kingdom, Australian AirForce, New Zealand, South Africa

how bout Shadow Force 7

script – – – – –

#7 on the radio – “Danger Unexploded Bomb! STAY AWAY FROM THAT SHELL!!!”

Harley Ryder – ” But sir, perhaps Dell can defuse its fuse”

#7” Negative Harley. “DELL STAY AWAY FROM THAT SHELL!!! & that’s an order”

MAC – its on A minefield. I’ll need Apple maps

#7 on Radio – I said STAY AWAY FROM THAT SHELL!!! nobody is 2 go near that shell. Thats my smart & final order. Its an explosive, dirty bomb

Moe – dammit Janet – i heart radio butt #7 is over reacting. We can’t go North, the nuclear power plant killed everyone & radiation leaks, we can’t go East, corrupt alien blockade who sold us out. Now where just 7 downed Airmen, going nowhere fast

We must continue Southwest & find our wings. We must defuse this bomb, defend free world,  & pass

#7 on the radio – “Thais negative Moe. STAY AWAY FROM THAT SHELL!!! Otherwise ill be writing your obituary. If there’s another southwest track, we;ll find that on  ZY! shadow network. Well pull thru. Get on the bus now Moe”

You’ll have 2 stay clear of that shell

Harley Ryder – “I ordered Backup. California National Guard & Michigan State Militia. Where r they!!! Our Life hangs by A thread…can you see the light #7 – they’ve got remote control robots. RC

#7 on the radio – Let there be light. “En route Harley. The High Speed rail system is still operational. Gov Brown commandeered the trains so backup is fast these days. they’ve Hazmat suits because of that fallout. Damned  idiots. I warned them about those nukes butt…wheel …deal…deaf…dumb…blind

Hands out on pay-day though.

High Speed Rail did start out as service 2 help seniors on Social Security. Affordable senior housing built all over central California, hospitals built, small business pop ups, & boomtowm construction jobs galore, but now its become National Security issue supplying  troops, guns & ammo from Redding arsenal on Target Line

MAC: I’m soo dehydrated, there’s no water. no water anywhere

Dell: me 2. Amazon Suck is now global. Stanley Freeman went 2 find Bing down Latin America. Amazon Suck is rampant, destroying villages, towns, city after city. Nationwide, Europe, Asia…the globe

#7 – Dell…report on Amazon Suck cause…

Dell. – its cause…reason unconfirmed. Bacteria, earth rotation, gravity abnoloily, global warming, God, or any combination of these theories

University of California Los Angeles has top scientists, philosophers, priests, ecologists, environmentalists, & Green Peace on the case. They’ve reduced probable cause, still  over 70 theories still exist

#7 – the cause…i want complete unabridged paper print report on each theory, first one on my desk by dawn

Moe – but sir – that’s over 70 weekly episodes of trying 2 explain Amazon Suck

#7 – exactly – butt they all agree the phenomenon is real. Rio Grande is dry lake bed, Niagra Falls has been renamed Niagra Pond

Harley “Bing, A witch doctor from Argentina may have clue, its his discovery really. Bing is missing persons though. Kidnapped by baddies.

Harly on Motorola – “Stanley Freeman report…over…”

(The Unexploded Bomb starts ticking)

#7 – “EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM THAT SHELL!!! Backup, step by step, draw your weapons….my radar shows space invaders on horizon…half mile, quick…theres no time

Shadow Force 7 move away from shell. Arms drawn. Security Alarm bells ring….

Raji Patel uses telepathy. at&t brand PSI API mind tapping all of Shadow Force 7
“Shadow Force 7, report 2 State Street. Orange Alert. We’ve got Bus Hostages. Teachers & students”

Harley Ryder – My God, Bus Hostages. Moe, follow that sign. Take right on Wall Street, then exit State street

Shadow Force 7 jump Ford Ranger.  Harley Ryder jumps on Motorcycle. Missles fill sky. An embedded Hollywood Reporter spits on remains of sidewalk cafe

Fade 2 black as Police whistle blows



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