Harley Ryder stole my tag line! Bitch!!!

Harley Ryder stole my tag line! Bitch!!!

MightyFleissRadio’s world-famous tag line “New & Improved Life” has beanz pilfered

This morning, early times, eyes wide open, i noticed me clever clever slogan had been replaced by another almost as cool “Old Dogs Die Hard”

att first i was Mad, furious, wtf, ill catch those filthy thieving bastards i cried. Ill send Vocus 2 KTLA & they tell FOX, who tell CW, ABC, NBC etc…all the way over 2 Phil Hendrie & then PC…or Philosophy Channel

Then, after my Starbucks coffee & Camel cigs, i went 2 get me coupons from AtomCoupons so i could Buy me Halloween costume, Harry Potter. Its magic

Butt then, thru my eyes corner, i noticed that AtomCoupons.org was using my WordPress slogan. I nearly died

Was about 2 send very stroppy Yahoo! mail 2 Dr. Bruce MacApple, A.S, B.A, M.D, PhD, prehaps Jack had sold me out too


Saved by the bell

Harley Ryder called on the phone & said she had made donation (actually i had made donation) because Dr. Bruce likes my tag line lots soo bee relaxed

Harley Ryder put Dr. Bruce MacApple, A.S, B.A, M.D, PhD Coupon Chief / Founder of Atom Coupons on the Motorola Android speaker phone & together they sang that New zealand telephon song “Thank you very much for the kind donation, thank you very much, thank you very very much…”

Screw business as usual

my first blush

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