Lies, Ai’s, & Pork pies on rise as free press 4 all…dies

I recently posted one highly read post about Los Angeles Times paywall being unconstitutional. Just the facts mam. Freedom of News is public information & should be available 4 all, especially on local & national issues

Since then, I’ve given this hot potato serious philosophic scrutiny

As election season approaches, the view that newspaper paywall’s designed 2 keep poor voters uninformed, may become front & center…or will this remain suppressed!!!

With unemployment in California down, now about 10%, that’s huge numbers of voters still being denied access (priced out) on important issues that need clarification from both sides of the political compass

Social security recipients, seniors & disabled, those on unemployment insurance, students, teachers, & veterans do not receive any government subsidised newspaper or news paywall vouchers. This is social injustice if ever there was case

On these assumptions, only declining numbers of middle & upper class families with jobs will have access 2 news, fair & balanced

No doubt Mitt Romney & his Bain Capital cronies likes the idea. Exclude his opponents (Barack Hussein Obama) base from hearing his unwanted accidental sound & vision bites. Tricky. General public will never know

Without newspaper access or news paywall access on their PC, Mac, Phone, Tablet, paper tabloid, or broad sheet, state welfare recipients will be uninformed on all issues, & thus easily deceived & manipulated by politicians who will take Micky

In addition, Los Angeles Times should offer women 25% paywall subscription discount, that equal 2 their pay disparity…otherwise its fair 2 say that Los Angeles Times is Sexist, guilty by non-association

Government subsidised news vouchers & paywall discounts could be available on neutral third party web sites like Atom Coupons, & so no excuse that there is no distribution mechanism

i rest my case your honor



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