Big Bird news day – submit articles publishing WSJ, plus other beands

Item 1 – Agenda

If I understood correctly, GoDaddy deny their small business accounts where hacked by 7 year old kids, or couple of angy birds & GoDaddy denial of servive to DDos blah blah blah. routers, switch, at&t, texas instruments etc. I would deny that too. How embarrasing, yet sweet & deserving

How does it feel GoDaddy. I trust small business have enough common 2 change DNS & host


DreamHost discount code “DREAMGREEN”on DreamHost offers your best deals on WordPress hosted site

then sign off with slick slogan…tbd

Submit article Wall Street J, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, plus pitch front cover Newsweek

item 2
Music News
announce new Atom Coupons music store
Why was i not quoted on this news release!

I said something quite profound & philosophic yet that stupid Murdoch … aaaaghh

about Mighty Fleiss Radio song



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