A Dream Lays 2 Rest

A breakup of the mind

I’ve got no car, no DMV registration, no car insurance, no license, debt collectors knocking down my door, no financial aid, no job, taxes owed…not paid, & lots of empty promises that no one ever kept…once

I’ve plenty of debt however, student loans, Sallie Mae, Chase Private Student Loans, & Discover, US Bank, Chase credit cards, all defaulted with debt collectors who call & write me every day. I don’t want to pick up the phone. Too busy Stayin’ Alive…so do not call. I can not pay pal!

I’ve got half UCLA degree, no way to continue, & which I doubt will serve much use anyhow. Stalin & communist philosophy

I’ve got, mental illness, an agent of disability, but no insurance or Social Security Disability. Money held by bureaucrat hands

I do have food stamps. Great

Soon I’ll be pushing a wire shopping cart, a trolley around Anaheim, with all the other homeless folks & bums. Better than pushin up daisies i guess. Nice

Those with the ability to help others, don’t help others, & because they do not help others, they do not help themselves

My proposal was turned down, ask Stephen Colbert, & don’t hold me to that anymore. You said “no!” & “no” again just now. Now my theme is contempt

Movin’ on…perhaps towards dignity ville…but not together.

There…Said…That was easy

New & Improved Life



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