Hackers from Canada Target AtomCoupons.com online retail store categories

Anonymous Ey, the Canadian arm of infamous internet hackers Anonymous, may have attacked AtomCoupons.com over the weekend, Sunday Morning during Church hours

Canadian online store front categories on AtomCoupons.com where raised above US online store categories on the sites WordPress.org sidebar widget

The motive…clear. Canada First Defence Strategy…i.e. Greed

Top selling US Online Retailers such as Vio Software may be getting “A Raw Deal”, as now deal hunters on AtomCoupons.com must scroll past Canadian shops 2 view their current Window 7 & Apple Mac software promotions & offerings 

Conversely, Canadian online retail stores like Dell Canada, Inc. Consumer Store, Dell Canada Inc, Small Business Store, Crocs.ca shoes, Lego Retail Brand Canada, & local Canadian promotions site teambuy.ca all benefit with elevated prominent listings


Adobe Creative Cloud, well, the song remains the same. They have multiple pre-order listings on their cloud services

“There’s No Doubt The Vandals where Canadian” said Glen Naughty on the record. “The smell of this dastardly cyber crime is like that of Aunt Jemima Maple Syrup. A sticky post”

Sunday’s attack may be sign of heightened competition among The Specials on Travel Deals. Besides an Action Alert, System Checkup progess is underway & System Mechanic employed

By Gay Murdoch
Canadian Hackers Expert Blogger


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