Why Obamacare is Constitutional

edit 3/13/2013 I was wrong. Government should not be entrusted with healthcare or well being over others. They will say anything to get what they want today, & although you may cry 4 help, they will not offer adequate response

“There is nothing we can do” is their reply

This was mistake 4 supporting & something I’m not proud of


Everyday, taxpayers are required to buy educational services provided by public school systems. Students are legally required to attend public education K-12 or thru age 16, buy text books, paper, pens, pencils, & Macbooks 2 attend

Truancy is enforced by security, truancy officers, hall monitor, or police, & although this is forcing consumers to buy an education, it’s still considered beneficial 4 society at large as we can funtion better in society as citizens. It’s by no means controversial

Education for most (bar teachers & hardcore academics) is optional after its enforced period

Consumers also have an option to send their kids to private school or Christian school if they prefer that route. It’s still required that they buy an education (public or private) & many private (for profit) schools flourish

The required purchase of health care, is similar fashion by nature. The difference being that health care is required 4 your entire life span. Most would agree that your jobs career choice as web pro, doctor, attorney, businessman, or public servant is equally (if not more) impacted by your health care as much as your education

Like education, requiring taxpayers to buy healthcare, from the cradle to grave, benefits society as a whole, & provides opportunities 4 life. For the supreme court to rule Obamacare unconstitutional, by the same standard, they must rule required education unconstitutional…otherwise it’s A fallacy I’m shure the Supreme Court recognize

So, Obamacare is as constitutional as is our public educational services. I’m sure most folks would agree that an educated & healthy workforce, with care 4 those in need, benefits society too



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