Women who oppose godaddy sexist advertising should shop Rite Aid, not Walgreens

Women who oppose godaddy sexist advertising should shop Rite Aid, not Walgreens

The reason why parents should buy their Huggies from Rite Aid, not Walgreens has to do with conglomerate investors. One major owner of godaddy.com, KKR, are business investment partners with Walgreens

The same also holds true 4 Dollar General, & Toys R Us. Buy from Family Dollar, 99 Cents Only, & KB Toys instead

Responsible parents should know I’m putting a downgrade on KKR & Co. L.P. (formerly known as Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.) (NYSE: KFI). Sell all stock immediately

Although this blog may sound silly…or so wot…2 sum…the reality is most purchase decisions made from these kind of retail drugstores, be it pharmacy prescription drugs, women hygiene like Tampax tampons, Mary Kay Makeup, Dove, Soap, P&G, Greetings, Pedigree Dog Food, Huggies, & the like are 90% made by women

By women I include all women. singles, mothers, doctors, nurses, wives, single mothers, disabled women, victims of rape, discriminated women, feminist women, abused women, business women, Christian women, Jewish women, Islamic women, lesbians, black women, Latina, asian women, prostitutes, nuns, & all other women on Gods earth…

So, I must ask all you woman, when you know that Walgreens, who partner with KKR alongside with Silver Lake, Big Daddy, & TCV, approve the production of GoDaddy.com TV advertising (prime time advertising that insults & hurts the integrity of women), why on earth as women & parents, would you buy Huggies from Walgreens when you can buy them from Rite Aid

So in addition 2 the usual GoDaddy protest, here’s another way you can tell Godaddy investor KKR & his lame CEO Henry Kravis to go fuck off daddy. With us (women), it’s personal. Girls just want to have fun but right now, we’re angry birds

Just a friendly thought….more tips coming


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