Los Angeles Times Paywall Unconstitutional

Dear Loretta Sanchez
cc: Back Hussein Obama
bcc: Michael Moore

Since our founding father hero’s like Peter Jackson, Mr. Jefferson, Hamilton Beach, Samuel Adams, & so on…free press has beanz backbone principal of democracy world-wide

Access, freedom of information by newspapers, & now online web like Los Angeles, New York Times, Orange County, Huffington Post, Breeze, is all public service, & tradition that should not be denied 2 any legal citizen

As an informer of information 2 general public, every man woman & child with vote should not allow Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Sun, or Wall Street Journal 2 profit from unconstitutional paywall that denies citizens access 2 freedom of information

I’m sure any reasonable judge from Superior, or Supreme court would agree that Big Brother once again rears its ugly head & reading the Times is God-given right guaranteed by the US Constitution



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