Father’s Day Atom Coupon Codes

Father’s Day Coupon Codes

Father’s Day is Sunday June 17th & it’s a mad rush over @ Atom Coupons. Still, happy days 2 all u fathers, grads, & dads out there, but not if you’re a lame daddy

Atom Coupon Chief Dr. Bruce MacApple, A.S, B.A, M.D, PhD has been in a heated debate with Vice CC: Tom H Ford, M.A, &  General Manager Goldman Christmas, BMW over the name of the new Los Angeles Studio

Over the pond, Queen Elizabeth has been busy with her Diamond Jubilee, though she did jot a few great ideas on a 3M Post it note

Management r trying 2 raise 17 million dollars (USD) as part of Jobs Creation initiative but times r tough & the doors may close soon

Dell Canada has put together a few of his favorite US stores on AtomCoupons that have Fathers Day Coupons. Sears Outlet, Musicians Friend, Camping World, Trip Mama, Spy Associates, Buy.com, & Omaha Steaks all have stella deals. Great deals on rooms @ the Venetian Resort, Hotel, & Casino in Vegas too

TeamBuy.ca also appears to be popular site with Canadian Dads

Killer Father’s Day deals so Check them all out


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