Rings a bell with regards 2 issues of Felix Roque

edit: since my original post, my stats show an attempt 2 block communications with block options

With regards 2 issues of recall Felix Roque, the mayor of West New York, N.J. scandal

Read more Media Post:

Stinks 2 high heaven

Rings a bell. A big Bell like at&t, British Telecom, Pacific, Orange…maybe even Taco Bell

If the FBI or Interpol r redding this blog…please note i’ve sent…
cc: Sir Michael Rake
BCC: Michael Dell

…to protects its integrity from alteration & harm

I think GoDaddy.com tried 2 hack 2 of my web sites when i was vocal about GoDaddy intentionally harming their small business customers. i do not like that GoDaddy take confidential customer service information, that their customers trust them with their records, & then try to extort them to get information back thru their Crooked Overseas Shell companies. I hate these Shell companies now just because of GoDaddy.com. There’re in Kiev, Russia or somewhere

It’s like textortion*, try 2 make me pay, & confidential info should be held in trust by DNS or host, just like money in banks. iCANN should CAN GoDaddy

After a year & a half of complaints , my Facebook, & WordPress where hacked, I beleive by GoDaddy.com to silence my VOX. My reasoning based on previous experience of the companies Breach of Fiduciary Duty

If the Police r reading, please do not rule out GoDaddy themselves as a suspect. They tell lies, cheat, & steal from their own customers

I would not put A hacking incident like the one on this Media Post article beyond the GoDaddy destructive capacity & intentions of harm to their own customers



*© 2012 Mighty Fleiss Radio


One Response to Rings a bell with regards 2 issues of Felix Roque

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