Blues From A GuN

Song of Songs

A bloody Monday Oakland California

Yikes! BAM. Call Jesse James

7 plus dead from Californian shooting rampage

A former nursing student @ Oikos University has been arrested by police

It’s A Korean United Methodist nightmare no doubt. A real damper on the day & outlook bleak

Thank God 4 my Johnson Risperdal

Well, i guess that’s why i’ve always got the blues


On that note, here’s a cool song 4 your iPod on Apple iTunes. May bring cheer though i’m still glum. The Singer Jim Reid reminds me of them old times on days like these. Complete Madness, no control or was that William

Blues from a gun by Jesus & May Chain. It’s a J&MC single from the album Automatic. Solid works & sounds thru

 Apple iTunes USA
 Apple iTunes Canada
 Apple iTunes Australia
 Apple iTunes New Zealand
HMV for CD-R/DVD Media United Kingdom



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