My Life as A Coupon Chief Junkie

Those who read my blog may know I’m in the process of building a coupon website called I definitely feel there’s a demand 4 additional savings both within the family budget & business enterprise. As traditional sales & marketing continue 2 fail, powerless, new & improved promotional models flourish

There’s no specific media. Social Networking sites like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Internet video advertising, WordPress Blogs, RSS feeds, & Online promotional coupon sites gain momentum exponentially

As an observer of this trend, is one such example of a category leader. As one of the fastest growing coupon sites, with 50K coupons redeemable, the specials are offered by over 15,000 Internet stores attracting a respectable quarter million unique visitors per month. It’s growing, that’s just the tip of the iceberg

The playbook offers a few interesting strategies to attract a loyal following. pays2share, for example allows users 2 submit coupons. When promotional codes are redeemed , whoever submitted that code gets a small commission. A points & rewards system

Popular e-store destinations on include,,, Avenue, Sears, & Target Stores

The concept of coupons, both traditional paper & Internet, has always been a double edge sword. In addition to offering true value to consumers, plus Internet tax relief, it’s also an essential heavy hitting collection of cross selling tools for small business owners

But with every growth category comes a warning sign, green slime balls, scallywags, so 2 speak. Another site for example claim to offer free coupon listings for businesses, but when I went to place my coupon for 50% OFF one Metropolitan Sandwich, the promotional voucher never went live.  My Yahoo! Mail received plenty of hints 2 buy an ad or make a donation, but that’s Bait & Switch. Dishonest. No thanks, that’s one dot com who needs stand in the corner with the like of disgraced

So while may be the dead souls of the spirit of the entrepreneur, at least seem on the level, industrial, offer great value, & are the current ideal destination 4 serious coupon clippers

Before you make your next online purchase make sure you payless by visiting



2 Responses to My Life as A Coupon Chief Junkie

  1. It’s amazing what you can with coupons. I’m saving a lot of money!

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