Where GoDaddy can stick their .me scholarship

“GET AWAY FROM .ME” i cried
Danger. Danger.. .Red alert

Then, without warning, there was Kung-Foo Fighting, & just like lightning, a flawless execution of my Double Double back flip dragon punch dislodged the killers dagger from his hands. I unmasked the villain, none other than Bob Parsons from GoDaddy.com

There was blood on Bob Parson’s FOX motorcycle boots. Exhibit A. He would need a murder defense attorney as convincing as Perry Mason or Johnnie Cochran 2 get him off the hook. He adjusted his motorcycle gloves 2 see if they fit, they did not, they where 4 sizes too small. A sure sign of guilt

Bob Parsons from GoDaddy.com had murdered a motorcycle police officer by kicking the officer with his FOX Motorcycle boots through the windows of his Ford F-250. The State of Arizona, Jan Brewer’s state was dangerous 4 Cops all over the Interstate 7 now, especially those cops who ride Harley Davidson, & BMW

“It’s all about the ride” Snickers Bob as the policeman wobbled, tried to regain his balance, but hit the ash felt @ 45 mph . The poor officer then  plunged into an oncoming high speed rail train. Bob’s face was evil… smile…Glee

The policeman’s weapon had dislodged from his holster as his slip & slide down the road hit a bump

We both reached for the Gun

I was quick & fast while the GoDaddy Chief Wanker (or CW) was crook, slow & clumsy

“STAY AWAY FROM .ME” i cried “Cop Killer!”

His face showed cowardly fear, where mine showed bravery. He took a big gulp, knowing all 2 well he was about 2 meet his maker as I trained my Magnum 45, target…his forehead

“I’ll give you money!” Parson pleaded. He began 2 cry like a baby. “Here, have 100 Grand on a GoDaddy.com & .Me University of Arizona Scholarship. Call my bud Warren Adelman. He’ll sort things out. Then you can be just like .me. Join the dark side”

“Never!!! I hate .me” I replied

I called Loretta Sanchez on the phone 2 request backup from Orange County California. “Arizona is corrupt. Clean house”, she repliied

Bullets fly

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