Racist Domain Name News Weekly

Was disturbed to read on a Political blog how GoDaddy.com supplies racist naming rights 2  websites promoting anti-black bumper stickers. Hate speech

i.e  like the “Don’t Re-Nig” Barack Obama bumper stickers that upset the National Association of  Chiefs of Police, International Association of Fire Chiefs, veteran actor Will Smith, & the entire Obama extended family

I’m not surprised, given Bob Parsons attempt to enslave the women & children of Africa by killing their Noble Beast, selling the Village People dead elephant meat soup, &  setting fire 2 the local farmers cash crop.  All these hard-working honest folk wanted, was 2 buy their freedom

I’d not be surprised 2 learn from experts @ NAACP that the track record 4 GoDaddy.com hiring blacks is far below the line of acceptable business practice & the company is indeed racist


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