fold & sell

Return to sender

Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-Billionaire) has changed the followings ratings on stocks 2 fold & sell as he believes the companies not worthy of a Bear rating 4 the California Public Employees’ Retirement System

Those reading my blog already know that i AM a disabled, 400lb starving University of California Los Angeles student on FAFSA. Bruin. My disability, Manic Depression, Paranoia, Borderline Schizophrenia, & Narcissistic personality disorder plague my Life. My SHIP however, is Stern, United with my CAPS

As previously stated, my confidential customer service information was breached by who tried 2 extort me 2 get my blog name back. They will do the same 2 others i fear

It’s Stephen’s belief, that if investors like Big Daddy, Silver Lake Partners, Kravis Roberts & Co. and Technology Crossover bully the mentally ill, retarded, & disabled, their next target is likely 2b old age pensioners, seniors, & the elderly

Be Aware. Stealing from old ladies, civil servants, & California Teachers Association retirement funds is everyone’s problem & should be nipped in the bud

Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-Billionaire) has placed a sell order on all companies who Invest in like those above plus has issued a public service announcement warning AARP magazine subscribers, & California Public Employees’ Retirement 2 be on guard, & voice an opinion

Companies like Avago Technologies Ltd., travel-services company Sabre Holdings Inc, memory-storage company Smart Storage Systems, Groupon Inc. & Zynga Inc. are all considered tainted with corruption as they share the same investors. So, i claim by this logic, sell, get them off your California or National retirement funds

Bob Parsons from GoDaddy is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corp, honoree PhD from the University of Baltimore, & has a secret peek-a-boo camera on his #7 Honda Prelude NASCAR so he can monitor & spy on his drivers loose parts

California & America can do better than these scumbags who bring everyone down with dishonesty. Not worth their weight in Gold & we need Solid Gold


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