cont…from previous post

cont…from previous post

Justice Cooper did not like my snarky attitude. She said I was rude, snide, & only getting snyder

“Get your own damn groceries from Vons” she retorted “& make sure their Healthy Choices Fatso


My heart screeched to a halt like the brakes of a school bus in need of oil

She explained her mother’s operation plus her Christmas European Vacation had set her back a few bucks, a pretty penny or two, although the South Turkey scenery was well worth the trip

I felt like something awful. I had wronged her, then lied, & acted like the prick off a cactus cooler. i even tried to put her sick mothers Zencart Interweb store out of business to silence her accusations

I’m the jerk. Why should I have to make her jump through the hoops when it’s my fault. The start of the whole fiasco lays here, i accept responsibility, all, here, i

I felt deep sympathy 4 her & offered 2 pay 4 her attorney so she could sue me 4 libel & malice

She agreed, so I sent her attorney a check in the mail, her attorney in turn sued me, our settlement, one million dollars

I knew it’s a punishment well deserved, fits the crime

Next day i sent Justice Cooper an American Greetings in the mail to congratulate her on her great legal triumph

I took her name away, slandered her through muddy waters,  & now she got her honorable name back

i walk the walk of shame



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