My confession

I’m  a disgraced slacker

Recently, i lost complete control of my anger management on my post. 4 this i’m, sorry, the apology sincere

2 Slander the name of Justice Cooper, the immigration judge, who, confirmed me as a US citizen, only 4 her 2 read me dragging her honorable name thru a puddle of mud on my WordPress blog, my tyranny of lies, it’s all 2 much, it’s no doubt scandalous

The accusation that I was beaten up on the elevator of a Disney Cruise by Justice Cooper from the “National Association of Women Judges” was a lie

so early this morn, on the crack of Dawn, I received a letter in the mail from Postman Pat

Although i can not be specific with regards 2 the document contents, i can be general, & more or less precise with a few points

A suit

She said she wanted 2 take me 2 the cleaners. At first i though she meant the Chinese Cleaners but when she mentioned Libel…Malice in the letter, my stomach sank

I realized I’d cooked the goose. Pushed the envelope across the desk 2 far

Her last line read “Only Loser kids employ like Tactics like yours these days ugly”

The letter was signed with a Schaffer heritage Fountain Pen, black ink, A simple J.C

I called Justice Cooper on the phone to admit my guilt

Her mother had a successful operation that day by Doctor Sylvania Bruin M.D at the UCLA Hospital. She wanted 2 visit her during recovery. She asked if I could come to Santa Barbara so she could settle these legal matters & sign a few papers

I told Justice Cooper that it’s more convenient for me if she comes from Santa Barbara to the OC, & on the way if she could jump through sum hoops, do the loop de loop, plus pick up some milk & sandwiches. I like sandwiches


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