Woe is me

Went to a secret audition for X-Factor late night yesterday

The event was held on a Disney cruise ship, a three-hour tour of Long Beach

I won the Audition on Make A Wish Foundation. My mental disability Manic Depression will be the end of me soon. Disability will not  help. statistics prove, I’ll be dead soon

As my last wish, I wanted to sing my song Stanley Freeman 2 Simon Cowell on FOX TV, so I dressed in black, put on my Steve Jones Adidas shoes, my Party City wig, my comical oversize phalice to impress the ladies, & picked up my Yamaha guitar 2 head on down. Vaudeville, here i cum

Butt how could such a big day out turn out so very wrong

On my way to the Disney cruise ship House of Blues, next to the Ticket Master, I was brutally beaten up on the elevator by the National Association of Women Judges. The lift clunked 2 a stop somewhere between P2 & the Lobby. I was grabbed by the arms from behind, & Judge Cooper, wig, gown, & all cut into my knees with her Gavel Seventeen Times

“Don’t go to Starbucks!” she yelled

“GoDaddy.com hate Starbucks! So be like them. Don’t go to Starbucks again & don’t drink Pepsi” she yelled out loud

“I will too! I will go to Starbucks & I will drink Pepsi! Beat it! GET OFF ME!!!” i cried, my last stand defiance, as the pain on my knee was so vicious. Then she hit me with flowers, beat me with a Gucci handbag & pumps

She took a golf ball sized chunk out of my legs. Her gavel felt like a Black & Decker sledge hammering tool

“Shut up!”, It’s a sacred war she replied. Judge Cooper then stung me with a taser gun, & pepper spayed my eyes 4 measure

When the bell rang, & the doors opened, the second judge from National Association of Women Judges relaxed her grip on my arms & they both rode off on their Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Strange indeed, as were att sea

I gasped on my oxygen tank. I could hear the sounds of rolling sheet metal ring through my head. US Steel. I could hear the sounds of the police sirens on the far side. A fire engine too. Chevron was there, & UFC ready to rumble with Exxon Mobil. Wot’s that noise! My head! Hertz! Pink! Pain, injuries, purple skins, but I limped down to the theatre, beaten. A lone wolf like Wayne Resnick on KFI

I was late…

Simon Cowell would not let me play my song. “Only Loser Kids would blow this gig” he said with no control of his anger management

He didn’t want to hear my Jam

I wanted to die

Now I think all women suck. Business women suck, lesbians suck, women politicians suck, women pastors suck, women police officers suck, women prison guards suck, black women suck, Latina women suck, abused women suck, battered women suck, Christian women suck, Arab women suck, Native American women suck, New Zealand women suck, Asian women suck, Jewish women suck, muslim women suck, green women printed on Starbucks mugs suck, Michelle Obama sucks, & especially women judges suck

Now I also hate FOX, FOX & Friends, FOX News, FOX Business News, New York Post, Los Angeles Times, New Zealand Herald, New York Times, Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, London Times, WSJ, & Bill O’Reilly, VH1, TV1, all because of these meanies

I’m a broken dream on life support & I’ll never gotomeeting or audition again


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