Brutal Firing

Industry Gossip Column
by Gay Murdoch

OMG Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-Billionaire) just fired Tom Ford!

He’s Stephen’s number one man

#7 is furious. Hopping mad. Just like Donald Trump

Grounds 4 Ford’s firing include Breach of fiduciary duty, intentional harm of customers, gross negligence, failure to salute a superior officer, failure to bother returning business communications, not paying women equal wages, industrial espionage, gay bashing, jew bashing, muslim bashing, union bashing, buddhism bashing, bigotry towards blacks & Latina, religious persecution of Christians around the office, setting the office on fire (arsenal), & attempting 2 block communications with Detroit Distribution

The charges were very particular, although I’d say not specific

Guess he thought he’d Dodge the bullet but the replacements r lined up coast to coast countrywide

Most embarrassing 4 the new group AC. Their award 4 best customer service has been stripped & rewarded to who, operate with integrity

It’s a PR nightmare

Moore heads will roll 2b sure

Ever wonder why this country is so messed up

Reminds me of that old University professor who reminds of that old Willie Nelson song, ur. …something High

GuN is angry too

Update: added to the list of charges – Hindu bashing, spousal abuse, dissing the Dalai Lama, failure to post employee rights on the wall, plus another gay bashing 4 measure

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