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Hi Folks,

Greetings from California

Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-Billionaire) has gone bananas

All morning, since early times, Stephen’s benaz doing the pogo round the house singing 10% Off by those 90’s Camel smoking grungy British slagsters Culture Shock

There’s much confusion bout their band members background, although it’s clear their singer is Richard Lucas (who is also the singer from that world famous anarcho outfit called Sub-Hum-Ans)

Although Dick sounds angry again, CS posses more pop culture elements & alternative ska sounds than their Sub-Hum-Ans predecessors. Their iTunes r more like the Clash, Sublime, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, The Specials, Dicky Barrett, Madness, etc, & so on

I noticed their boxed set called Everything by Culture Shock arrived via Her Majesties Royal Mail Service yesterday. Dicks sporting goods by mail order on Bluurgh records worldwide these days cause he got an Interweb access thing. The box is on Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-Billionaire)’s bedroom desk right now

“Everything” is Culture Shock’s essential collection, so to speak. It’s a 4 album marathon protest set to everyone of their songs. It’s a fave of Harley Ryder as it’s got all the classics like Go Wild L.P, Onwards & Upwards L.P, demos,  philosophical lyrics, artwork, & attitude

Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-Billionaire) took a Sharpie @ highlighted the following lyrics on the paper booklet. It’s cum 2 my attention, that of one great ongoing concern

“10% Discount in the Store
Persuades you to buy what you can’t afford
What you’d never have thought of buying before”

I fear the worst

Here’s my beef

Ever since his meating with Warren Beatty to discuss the Vision of AtomCoupons.com, Proctor has been known to change the words around, try to make them sound profound which I know 4 A Damned fact angers Lucas

We cannot afford Breach of Fiduciary Duty like GoDaddy.com who screw over their customers like yours truly. They don’t like me. That my personal experience, not my intuit. Intel inside Mighty Fleiss Radio indicates that Bob Parsons is a black figure with a black stone heart. Shame on NASCAR who help create & expose kids 2 this kind of American Idol trash. That scumbag should be prosecuted, fired & fined

The boxed set titled “Everything” by Culture shock is not available on Apple iTunes although 2 single tracks called Messed Up & Civilization Street can be downloaded from the Travelers Aid Trust comp (A killer album in its own right)

Anyhowz, end rant slash recommendation

Here’s the links

Culture Shock website (official)

Travelers Aid Trust comp – Various Artists
Apple iTunes US
Apple iTunes Canada
Apple iTunes Australia

Almost forgot my


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