Dude Looks Like A Lady!

Well,  I used the public transport system of Los Angeles / Orange County last week. Thought I’d give the system a whirl as I waited for the California DMV to lift the suspension on my car registration. The DMV required proof of auto insurance, which I did have, but I’d missed the deadline & the state department took a day or two to clear my policy so I could get my automobile records back online

Meanwhile, the UCLA winter quarter had begun & I didn’t want to miss one class

So, on Wednesday, I took the Metrolink train from Angel Stadium in Anaheim to the Los Angeles Union Station. I then caught the Purpleline 720 bus to Westwood, & finally the Bruin Bus on the hill completed the trip. Destination, Murphy Hall

After my lectures I took an alternative return trip back to the OC so I could compare routes

From UCLA I rode the Metro Number 2 bus from Hilguard to Union Station. The #2 bus goes directly across Sunset Blvd, my old stamping ground. The journey was a welcome reminder of the old Glory days of total chaos with glam, metal bands, & the like on the strip

During the ride, on a bus stop near the Key Club, I applied my gentlemanly habits, & offered my seat to an old lady with a walking stick as she hopped on board the bus. She accepted my offering, sat on the seat, & I stood on the center aisle of the crowded bus. Cavalier & Noble me thinks to say the least

The old lady was of slender build, wore a gray scarf on her head, silver bug eyed sunglasses, an overcoat of several shades (a variety of blues to be precise), & carried a black Gucci brand handbag

I asked her if the bus would stop near the world famous Wiltern Theatre. She replied “No” in a gruff voice

A gruff voice!

The Ladyman really put the trans into public transport, hmmm, so to speak


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