One must show bravery like the Apache & the Sioux

Not Cowardice like the Bowl sponsors

I doubt the Air Force would honor a coward with a fly over on a F-16 Strike Eagle

Here’s a reflector of my Life though

I remember the fall of Arthur Anderson, a sad day, Les Miserable’s, so to speak. The accountant firm was associated with Enron, its downfall. A big bloody financial & fiscal mess on Wall Street

It’s a long winter night tonight, I’m listening to The Sisters of Mercy “Walk Away”, eating Tyson Foods, Inc brands sausages, ConAgra oranges & lemon on a black stone on the patio furniture, & thinking about the Bill Clinton election from The State of Arkansas long times ago. “No riff raff round this bowl” said BC with providence

I remember, when Bill took a J.B Hunt Transport Services, Inc to Union Pacific Railroad & then on to USA Truck. He was to meet with Mr. Kroger about buying a Whirlpool for the Baptist Health & Arkansas Children’s Hospitals. Happy Days for the Southern governor

Which got me thinking

After used my confidential customer service information, sold to Kiev (their own mirror company), & then tried to Extort it back to me for $69.00 plus 10% of their “negotiated price“, will the likes of Intuit, who are Pasron’s Technology, likely to be dragged thru the muddy waters with once it’s in court. An accounting software should be trustworthy after all, just like Peach tree

Do Intuit or Disney have the same T&A values as Do Intuit & Disney screw over their customers, puncture the tires of cripples in wheelchairs, & trip up disabled folks on crutches over a few bucks. Are Intuit & Disney both like too. One, I know I cannot trust GoDaddy 4 sure

Anyhow, I say leave a bunk in the Arkansas jail cell for Bob Parsons because the prison guards told me they like an ass on occasion too. It’s the natural state  after all. Bare Naked Ladies r all 2 common

GuN with a crowbar

P.S Tysons got a K.O cummings soon no doubt


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