Check in the mailbox


My LinkShare check just arrived in the mail so I’m feeling Spiffy. Disappointed there was no Michael Jackson series stamps on the envelope though, guess I’m a die hard fan for black pop music

So now I need to apply this mighty sum against my Orange County food stamps program. Was a decent start, mostly Apple software applications & paid Apple iTunes downloads. New Orange County Credit Union Account too, so now I can compare apples to oranges (credit unions to banks)

I’ve already decided how I’ll reinvest these affiliate advertising dollars. Let’s just say it’s a slam bag of  Miller Time!

Been reading the news & looks like NBC is sold out of advertising inventory for the NFL Super Bowl. It’s all over the T.V, Times, newspapers, & Internet. I’ve also been thinking about the comedy of errors with, I’m sure it’s the type of  Pearson Textbook Public Relations classic Titanic disaster material that Mrs Peterson would teach at OC. How embarrassing to play in the GoDaddy bowl. These kids will be scarred for life. I really think their legal counsel Christine Jones & Kline need to resign alongside with Mr Bob Parsons. My name is Christine, Jones, & Kline too

I’ve learned from Steve Jobs, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Warren Buffett, Bruce Wayne, Marc Cuban, & the like, that Philanthropy can be a bold way to gain new favor from both consumers & business clients. If GoDaddy dot com where to donate their two (2) Super Bowl adds to ZY! approved charity, as an anonymous donor, who knows, anyhow, maybe this could help

Any case, I was thinking a string of 10-15 second commercial advertisements for charity causes that normally could not afford the wide reach & penetration that the NFL Super Bowl offerings supply. i.e  Cyberbully ads promoted by teachers, Breast Cancer Aware by nurses , Homeless Shelter by the church or , Veterans VA  PTSD by Barack Obama, Animal Shelter by PETA, Ronald M – House of Charities , Tax by Warren Buffett, RIAA – support anti piracy by Tim Cook, AIDS awareness,  Wales, Scotland, Internet retail tax by SCORE, Gay Rights by Ellen, Stop Sexism by Air Force, Gun safety by Gov JerryBrown, Anti-counterfeit/patent infringement by US customs & Adidas, Obesity by Michelle Obama, Stop Racism by Will Smith, Hire a vet by US Senate, Don’t get divorce – Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver, Religious tolerance by Interfaith, Union workers charity by Michael Moore, Firemans Charity, Police Charity, Ethics by UCLA, Dog Beach & Dog Parks by Scooby Doo, A.A, N.A, MADD by Christine Applegate, Give Peace a Chance by Elton John, anti-piracy Film industry – Justin Timberlake, Christchurch N.Z earthquake fund by John Phillip Key plus All Blacks haka, Hurricane Katrina LA by  Whoppi Goldberg, Royal Family – thank you 4 being my friend – etc etc etc are all great ideas

Perhaps you can touch all of us

Anyhow, now I must so I can rap with Snoop Dog


p.s AT&T – Randall Stephenson – VOIP is fringe piracy

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