Re: Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer

HI Folks

Quick post here…

Guess I’m stuck on the Yamaha mixing board till late late night, so pulled out my Sony Turntable & records to listen to the classics in my collection

Glad i found this 7″ 45rpm of Sledge Hammer by Peter Gabriel. World Famous Flashback me thinks. Peter was the original front man & voice for Genesis. (Pre Phil Collins circ)

Sledgehammer is from the album called “So”

PG is from somewhere County Avon in the U.K, I’ll Yahoo! exact detail later, right now I’ve got no time & in a rush

It’s a great song & hip sounds to start your new year. Peter Gabriel is a Stella singer, writer, & craftsman of the arts

I’ve put the LinkShare to Apple iTunes in the US & Canada below


p.s would suck to get hit by a Sledgehammer in real life




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  1. Visita il frantoio le selvette!…

    […]Re: Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer « New & Improved Life[…]…

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