Sunday Bloody Sunday…Putting out fires on New Years’ Day

It’s the end of  the world as we know it

Just received a minor threat for a pay day of one hundred grand for damages from Anonymous. A cheap slap shot

My crack bout them youth brigade adolescents at Chevron Extra Mile yesterday ruffles another yellow feather me thinks…note signed by BP..hint..I know it’s you Bob…a.k  Anonymous…scum…nasty scum

You can’t lower your standards anymore

I’ll heed your advice find sum Libel Insurance on FaceBook, but telling the truth is an expression of free speech & protected by the US Constitution in D.C. I’ll fight like it’s the UFC Challenge in the courthouse!

The damned crass breach of fiduciary duty to your customers is your final conflict …the fall of GoDaddy

Women can write funny stuff like The Lucy Show but looks like it’s getting dangerous for women & feminists like me to live in Indiana. Bird Flu strain, scary stuff plus the Sex Offenders are growing over there. Not safe 4 kids

Moving my case to San Diego Sea World to ensure neutral Judge & avoid your disease Bud!

I’m a killer whale


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