My New Year Eve Story

I walk with a limp

Re: Damn Governor Jerry Brown & his tax cuts to Disability Services. I could use them for a trip to Target, K-Mart, or Sears these days when the pain on my knee tends to double down

Here’s a real life story though, new years eve 2011

Popped into the Conoco Phillips 76 for a corker of a chat with the senoritas. Maria. Delicious

See’s, I’m this charming man at times & Leo the Lion other times with a can of hairspray on my magnificent main. I’ve a very loud roar 2 match

So here the deal. These kids wearing GoDaddy tee shirts walk on thru the retail door, ring the bell, wave their tumblr full of ICE, flickr a bogey att the senorita & shout “GIVE ME A FREE PEPSI BITCH!!!”

The clerks eyes rolls. Her hands reach over the counter, grab the punks by the clip of the ears & Answers “We’ve got Values Here ugly. You have to pay for your Pepsi! Never come Back!”

The rude obnoxious GoDaddy kids sprint out the door faster than a banana split

I almost peed my pants



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