How does it feel

God damn!

Feeling like Rebels

Our spineless conservative politicians need 2 stand up with sum backbone to these special offshore interests groups attacking our country coast to coast. They’re no more than souped up cyber bully so & so’s

We especially need to help the homeless & find jobs 4 our war vets including all branches of the US Armed Forces. It’s a congress, & Washington disgrace!

I dunno,  target those against Barack Obama’s tax cuts & jobs bill i Guess

Anyhow, here’s a great indie Singer i like called Bob Dylan

Like A Rolling Stone is a great song 2 celebrate the your New Years countdown

How does it feel  How does it feel  To be without a home  Like a complete unknown  Like a rolling stone” – Bob Dylan

Here’s the link 2 the song on Apple iTunes in the US & Canada



I’d give y’all a free copy butt i don’t own that right. Maybe GoDaddy can supply that link

Ha. I’m a cynic

That’s all folks!


p,s heard there’s a restless sun


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