December 29th is Big Bird Day

Today, December 29th 2011, is the first annual Big Bird Day, a celebration of the biggest loser & wimps of our times

Wikipedia abandon as DNR host protesting house SOPA bill. GoDaddy tremble like Jackass, cower on knees, "Please Don't Go!"

This years category, world’s most Spineless Coward, & the winner of the Yellow Feather AWARD, goes to proud United States Marine Corps veteran Bob Parsons PhD from Scottsdale, Arizona (APPLAUSE)

Bob Parsons, whose cutting edge intuit idea to Merkel down harmless African elephants for publicity, & abandon his allies in the killing fields of SOPA, takes all slices of this chocolate log cake hands down

In addition,’s Olympic Marathon of breach of fiduciary duty to their customers (myself included), & thus by default, a breach of fiduciary duty their own new shareholders, is simply another form of big daddy blunderbuss thuggery. A spot on fine example of this young corporate group’s cowardice

Crime fighter intel experts, including Attorney General Eric Holder, FBI, Police, Batman, Private Eyes, & UCLA Philosophy professors all agree that the perpetrators of rape, incest rectal buggery, child molestation, & other heinous crimes are often persons close to the victim like friends of the family or relatives. Perhaps this is the same for this “cyberbully mentor” who appears to enjoy victimizing his own family of disabled small business owners. My personal experience with reminds me of a vulture who preys on the smell of blood of the weak

Butt when the tables turn it’s “Semper Fi” then waffle on For a man who claims to “leave no man behind”, 147 other pro-SOPA companies would staunchly disagree. To cave at the first sign of confrontation over an important anti piracy bill they helped write, is certainly not the type of courage that is a type of courage at all

So the elephant slaughter must be the chase scene & the SOPA flip flop the ending credits. It’s apparent that Parson’s technology at is not the only small business Internet solution for Domain Name Registration & webhosts

Customers are flocking to alternative hosts like NameCheap, HostGator, HostPapa, Bing, Yahoo! WordPress, & similar web hosting services. As the outward bound claim jumpers Exodus en mass away from GoDaddy, it’s certain the anti sentiment will keep on growing until the apology is sincere, & the wrongs are made right again

Meanwhile, to borrow a phrase from Dr Seuss’ Fox in Sox, I would describe’s current strategic positioning as,  being stuck in “New goo. Blue goo. Gooey. Gooey. Blue goo. New goo. Gluey. Gluey.”

It’s for this reason I’m proud to announce the The Yellow Feather Award for cowardice in business practice to Bob Parson’s, the former CEO of (APPLAUSE). This years stunning trophy design will not only look great on Bob’s Arizona, Iowa, & Indiana mansions’ mantel pieces, it also has a stinger… a metal statue of a spineless Jellyfish

It’s clear are not honest or courageous enough moving forward with SOPA issues so I wonder if a global coalition of DNR’s, Affiliates, Blogs, & network hosts, all in union as equals with vote & voice, might be a better idea to help protect intellectual property rights without a totalitarian style of censorship

I’ll bet following these festivities that ICANN in Marina del Rey, California may warrant a fair & balanced investigation into the dealings of domain name registration, web hosting, advertising revenue, & domain parking permits of

A donation from to the orphans at OrangeWood in Anaheim, California might be a great idea to teach these young boys & girls to grow up with a sence of values, ethics, & learn the ability to stand up for what is right, even if that means to stand alone for justice

Well, it’s late night & closing curtains for …no encore please


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