Beverley Kills – 9021-Go

I recently took a poke around the black bins of in Denver while on a small business trip in Colorado. My mission was a failure, an attempted hostile takeover of the NFL’s Denver Bronco’s

Thought I’d drop by the retail store while in town 2 pick up some Christmas gifts; books, music, movies, games, & then head on down to some seedy dive bar to drown my sorrows with Jack

As i handed my carefully selected items over the counter to the clerks; a copy of MMR, Flipside, The Complete Stories of J.G Ballard, Archie comics, Battle Zone, a McGuiver DVD, & a killer mixed tape of random indie bands, i noticed the Beverley Kills  “9021-Go” album thru the corner of my eyes

As the tattooed clerk (an environmentalist) put the last item into the paper bag, I asked her to ring up the new B.K L.P on the register too. She asked 4 A price check over the P.A & the assistant manager did rush over like the wind to assist

He looked embarrassed as he explained the album was not labeled. He claimed he found the disc in his Ford Focus late night Friday after a wild swingers party & that he believed the album to be rare

Turns out it’s a great all girl grungy (think Green Day with a female singer) band from Cambridge United Kingdom. Close to The Muffs, Hole,  Joan Jet, & the Blackhearts. Tracking was well done, high quality recording, & solid cuts start to finish

Lots of ringing in my ears now

Click the image or link to Beverley Kills – 9021-Go to check out the new album (You’ll have to import as I doubt have another copy)



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