Amazon Suck confirmed by Scientists in Latin America

As first reported in 1984, native Aborigine pigmy priests who occupy the riverside banks of South America, finally have an explanation for the widening gap on the waters levels

Tribal Indian Leader, Witch Doctor, & scientist “Bing Ties” has Beanz conducting experiments by  scientific method 2 finally reach the theoretical conclusion that the Amazon Suck is caused by a combination of both the tilt of the earth, the heat of the spot on the sun, & the arctic polar wobble

Bing has called on banks to fund research & development with a focus on UC higher education to help confirm his findings. He then want’s to build a fence on the river’s edge

Ties has asked for a quarter million dollars in gold bullion 2 help fund the research plus aid from the US Coast Guard to help map out problems with the aid of engineers

Amazon Suck is blamed for billions of dollars of environmental damage to the local farmers, rivers & rainforest of Latin America


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