The General Dynamics of These Holiday savings

Big lots of feedback on the payment terms for the Laser Engraved Sheaffer® Legacy® Heritage Fountain Pen – Item #LYF.  So to be clear on these money  matters, I’ll just post it

A) Mighty Fleiss Radio’s offerings are prepaid only by PayPal who accept Visa & all major credit cards. If you require extended payment terms, you can open a Visa Black Card quick flash

B) It’s official. After careful analysis, all things considered, the Mighty Fleiss Radio board of directors have ruled that the Visa Black Card video advertisement does not exploit women in their advertising. Although its sexy advertising, it’s also got class . Two thumbs up

C)  The following items are subject to the specials & deals …

Item #LYF –Sheaffer® Legacy® Heritage Fountain Pen
Item #PLCCR – Sheaffer® Prelude® Collection Roller Ball
Item #SGCB – Sheaffer® 100 Ballpoint Pen
Item #SGCP – Sheaffer® 101 Mechanical Pencil
Item# Y214 BIC® Slim Metal Ballpoint Pen

That’s all folks!


Please contact our Yahoo! mail for personal assistance or direct communications

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