R.I.P Steve Jobs

I once met Steve Jobs in a hole on the wall dive bar near the city limits of Vegas. He was preparing for his keynote address, paper notes actually

I was waiting for #7. We were 2 talk bout the new organization & nuances with regards 2 the Green Goat Method of Accord. He was late

I nursed a glass of Whisky before building the nerve. Steve’s presence was intimidating

“Tell me how to Think different! I wanna be just like you so I can think different too!” He looked at me. Despair, “you think same” he said. Eyes Rolls

A TAXI picks him up to take him downtown to the strip. City lights, he rolls the dice, Craps, slots

Anyhow, we’ve all heard the sad news, Steve Jobs was on the vanguard of technology. There’s no point 4 more of the same from yours truly

I’ve supplied a few links to Steve Jobs books’ on Barnes & Noble (bn.com) website if you’re interested. There are new paper copies of his books plus Nooks!

Now that’s incredible!

R.I.P Steve Jobs, those who remain will celebrate your life & works. Here’s one last belt 2 A California legend with a heck of a legacy

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