Celebrity Actors for Voice Over on Internet video advertising

Using a celebrity for voice over or actors on Internet video advertising can be a stellar idea, but like music licensing, price varies

According to SAG (Screen Actors Guild), actors rates for new media (Internet, Mobile, Video Games etc), is conducted between the producer & the actor (or their agent). As of this writing, SAG do not have a ratified agreement with their actor members. They must however comply to federal & state minimum wage laws & legal minimums

On T.V & Radio, SAG has a whole other set of rules with regards to  rates & scale. New or relatively unknown actors work for industry standard scale while celebrity household names work for a negotiated price (usually above union scale)

Obviously, stars with high profile celebrity stature & who ad household brand name  recognition i.e Mark Hamill, Jim Belushi, Jason Alexander, Glen Close etc can fetch premium rates. Usually royalties are paid to the talent based on how long the ad is run

High profile celebrities produce added media value through additional media channels  like E! Entertainment, TMZ, Variety plus an arsenal of news & consumer outlets

Most consumers view these public figures with piece of mind, a trusted voice

Actors Union websites

(Screen Actors Guild)

(American Federation of T.V and Radio actors)


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