Internet video advertising with premium blockbuster stock footage

As previously published, the standard fixed block price for a turnkey Internet video ad is $10,000 (USD). In addition, Mighty Fleiss Radio place the media buys billing a 15% agency fee. Up to 100% in co-op reimbursements for restaurants, hotels, auto dealers, & retailers may apply. Mighty Fleiss Radio offer high quality independent advertiser technique to your small business. With us, it’s personal that you succeed & project your premium optimal image

Although I do not charge any more beyond the fixed block fee, future options for your company could include premium blockbuster footage. There is a licensing fee for this kind of footage, I just pass this cost on to your small business for no extra service charge

Using premium blockbuster footage on a showreel such as scenery taken from a hit blockbuster film like Spiderman, Batman, X-men, Out of Africa or even a Woody Allan flick  can help increase your small business profit

Major film studios like Sony Pictures, Paramount, HBO, & Universal
Pictures license out cuts from select high quality HD shoots that have been filmed from their own movie studios. Your small business can piggy back on these multimillion dollar film budgets by using their licensed stock footage on your advertising. Your company image will become first class

A New York City scene for your Pizzeria, California for your Pizza Kitchen, Boston for your Dunkin’ Donuts, Philadelphia for your Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, a car chase for your county sheriff department, & a burning building for your fire department are all great ideas & all viable. Although grandiose, they are actually quite affordable now

How to Access to an arsenal of licensed video opportunities.

Thought Equity supply licensed stock footage for their media partners like Paramount, BBC, NBC, ABC, FOX, MGM, National Geographic, Smithsonian, New York Times Co, & so on

Sony Pictures also have a stock footage wheel archive.

This premium blockbuster footage can typically add $1500-$7000 to the raw cost of
the advert assuming it’s for perpetual use. Advertising medium dictates costs. i.e It’s cheaper to license footage for Internet video spots than on broadcast T.V

Mighty Fleiss Radio can combine premium blockbuster footage with your own product or company creative assets. Add licensed or royalty free music, & utilize a ZY! branded script with voice over & you’ve got a winning ticket. It’s all within reach

Metropolitan Sandwich –
(Basic Internet video advertising)

“Pop Stars Deluxe” video advertising package – music licensing

(Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


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