requested basic info on Internet & mobile advertising

Woaah! Hold the reigns Willie Nelson!

A flood of requests over the Internet & mobile advertising asking 4 the price list

Bad news! It’s not finished, it’s still in the works but here’s Ballpark figures

If you don’t understand the principles of “Green Goat Method of Accord” & ZY!, you’re missing the big picture. You need to get on the bus, or you’ll be wasting your money. I’ll bee happy to explain or clear up any confusion over these important advertising & money matters. Everything counts, especially these days in challenging times

Ad Creation: Video – pre-roll, ideal for Internet & mobile, high quality uses Copy Engineer + Visual Engineer. Green Goat Method of Accord. Basic cost is $10K. Additional options could include music licensing from a popular music artist, or household name celebrity for a trusted voice. Any travelers expenses occurred can be extra. I only script, & create ZY! video ads along with a media buy

Internet & Mobile: Nationwide brand promotion & selling of national brands via Internet video & mobile smart phones can start at sub $10K moving on up. 12 month contract required. Includes 15% agency fee. So a $10,000 budget of your national brand buys $8500 on the ZY! network

As you can see, this should be accessible within most national brands existing advertising budgets

Local advertising: Creation of video advertising for Internet & mobile phones(see above). Green Goat Method of Accord. Due to geographic restrictions, I would recommend small local business owners to allow Mighty Fleiss Radio to present full turnkey solutions including future options for your restaurants/small business newspaper, magazine, radio, T.V, plus video & Internet advertising. Includes 15% agency fee so a $10,000 budget of your national brand buys $8500 on the ZY! network

As you can see there are many variables, but rule of thumb, 10K for the ad, plus min 10K per month media buys. I’m happy to send a custom quote for any interested parties

Terms of sales are prepaid. Upon order approval I send an invoice via Wells Fargo Business Banking account. I also create a custom link for PayPal so you can place the order online. You can pay by credit card, Visa, Express, or PayPal: Bill Me later (which all allow thirty-day terms (o.a.c)).

I then create the ad, pay the ZY! ad network partners, & keep my 15% so you’re gold

Updates: 4.49 pm. –  for .gov & .edu adveritising accounts I accecpt PO. I use PO financing systems like iBank to pay the ZY! network partners so once that’s clear, Bob’s your uncle. Could add up to 2 weeks turnaround, so order early. I ask the G men to be patient, as they tend to get up in a song & dance

Glen Naughty

p.s yes, I’ve read Ogilvy on Advertising, it’s old


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