I’m retracting my Chiquita & Dole Banana Ad Proposals

Found this on AdWeek – it’s a Lifesaver

Brainstorming for winning brands is no easy feat. I was kicking up a storm of ideas yester-eve, over a glass of amber wine, when finally, late night, I came up with a clever way of branding & selling more Chiquita, & Dole Bananas in Albertsons

My idea was unique & bold. Tide turning if you will

Why not pay a chimp to wear Huggies & run amuck throughout the supermarket whilst holding a banana. He/She could even talk. I was gonna licence the music for George of the Jungle too

But alas, advertising must work. After watching this ad “Campaign Trails: Ape Liberation” on the Internet & my Motorola phone I’ve abonded the idea

The switch. An “opt in” idea for a talking horse instead. I’m sure they Digg Banana & other strange fruit



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