Bobby Jack is Our Leading Man

Rough times. Since 7 AM i’ve spent the better half of this morning on the phone with Mark Pedowitz. He’s the current C.E.O of the CWTV. He’s a bold negotiator, built Ford tough like a firetruck, that’s 4 sure. I’ve applied pressure on the corner of the Internet & mobile video advertising

We’ve beanz shooting the Febreze, so to speak. He Sees Steven Seagal as the “Leading Man” on a yet to bee proposed T.V series called “ASI”

In contrast, i think Bobby Jack holds those starz in his eyes. It’s paramount a proposed P&G soap opera like “ASI” appeals 2 both housewives & kids. Sure, the soap will be a Womans Weekly episode, but if Steven Seagal stars, husband may become jealous

I Guess stores like Designer Living have already made a shovel ready load of money exploiting poor Bobby Jack’s likeness. Bobby has licensed his chimp cartoon self 4  “chump change” on bargain products like these throw overs

Bobby Jack’s current show is available to US viewers on The WB website and is available for streaming on Netflix. BJ’s ready for the CWTV primetime though, i can feel his influence & mighty pull

Listen up Mark Pedowitz! There’s double the pleasure as you rub your greedy palms collecting advertising dollars from Housewives, Babies, & Kids all

Anyways, Steven Seagal is 2 action films what Chevy Chase is 2 Comedy. Bobby Jack is our “Leading Man”

Deal of 7/28 Bobby Jack gift pack throw only $4.99, 88% off


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