No! Glen Naughty suspended from MSNBC

O.K, his Newsvine account has suspended for violating terms of service, self promotion, perhaps something MSNBC could do a better job of

Newsvine (associated with MSNBC) knows suspension well. Keith Olbermann & Joe Scarborough have both suspended for making multiple political donations;  Mark Halperin, claimed that Obama was “kind of a dick”, & Ed Schultz, called Laura Ingraham a “slut”

Reading on AdAge revealed that Al Sharpton has a new show approved on MSNBC, i’ve no doubt, any sign of suspension will be considered racist & the National Newspaper Publisher Assiciation will have a mouthful to say

Newsvine is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MSNBC

I Guess there’s no hope

Physician heal thyself

by Gay Murdoch


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