Tunecore: Not A Great Resouce 4 indie artists & bands

 TuneCore Music Distribution of Your Own Music

edit update:

5/24/2012. After a year on this service, not only did they not renew at their advertised reduced renewal price, they jack up their  fees 150% without warning

imagine having 1000 indie records on this bull shit service

Don’t be a sucker

Try something else


My original post

Here’s a great resource for all indie musicians & indie labels. Tunecore is the digital music distribution service that’s all folks will ever need to get their music out on the cascade of legal download sites. This service is a subsidiary of Guitar Center so you know it’s a trustworthy source 
TuneCore Music Distribution of Your Own Music

“Mighty Fleiss Radio” links their songs to iTunes on this blog (upper right) using Tunecore as it’s primary music aggregator (digital distributor). Thus, the music is  connected to iTunes, MOG, Spotify, Zune, plus a host of additional killer download & streaming music services. I’ve already tried the rest & can assure you, Tunecore is a one stop shop solution, scalable, so you can create your own nitch, so to speak

Tunecore’s distribution is based on a flat fee system, rather than a percentage of the selling price, so, indie performing artist & bands get to keep most of the money that’s sold. Inn a sense there’s a  recoup bar, but it’s easily achievable

This coupon banner shows a $9.99 flat rate for a single distribution on Tunecore. So, if an artist was to sell each single song on iTunes for 99 cents only, they would keep 70 cents per download, & iTunes would keep 29 cents. So, 2 recover your money from Tunecore, you would need to sell  approx 14 single songs (70 cents x 14= $9.80). Following that you will clear 70 cents on every paid new order

Artists are also paid a fraction of a cent for live streams from participating sites like MOG, Spotify, Zune, & so on. Tunecore’s service also includes an optional distribution of CD-R on demand from participating e-tailers

There are also album programs based on a similar structure to the singles system. “Everyone Makes A Meaningful Mistake” by “Mighty Fleiss Radio” sells on iTunes via Tunecore for $8.91 per album (9 songs). I receive a total of $6.30 per album sale, so iTunes keep $2.61 per album. If memory serves me well, Tunecore charge approx $40.00 to distribute your entire album the first year, thus, you would need to be selling 7 full Album downloads to break even ($6.30 x 7 = $44.17). No question, it’s very possible

To renew an entire album on Tunecore is less, approx $20.00 per year. So, selling your back catalog is a very affordable & viable choice via Tunecore

In sum: National & International distribution barriers via Tunecore are non prohibitive, attainable. The distribution reach is wide. Bands & artists can distribute Nationwide in the USA, Countrywide in Europe, Empirewide in the United Kingdom, plus host offerings in Australia, New Zealand, Japan. You can open a new local, domestic, & international foreign frontier

Warning: Just because your album or single is distributed on iTunes, Zune, Spotify, MOG etc doesn’t mean that it’s automatically going to be a best seller. It’s still a heck of a job getting your name out there, having folks listen, like, & then buy. With all things in Life there is a risk, but considering the “Sky is the Limit” & the low entry cost it’s worth it’s weight in gold

One hands on the caution button, be realistic, butt on the other, Who am I to say. Perhaps your Pioneer bands got an indie Billboard chart topper & I’m just a pessimist nay sayer

Now. go buy my record!

Browning GuN

TuneCore Music Distribution of Your Own Music


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