MOG: Ministry of Grunge

Cool. Under new terms, music fans can try MOG free 7 days without a credit card

Unlimited Music On Demand. Try MOG Free!

7-day NO CREDIT CARD trial

Those who claim to be guitar music experts & deny that MOG stands for “Ministry of Grunge” are telling lies. 90’s grunge is back baby! Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Everclear, Silverchair, eat your heart out babies, cause these artists are gonna wish the kids never heard of this bad boy when they check their Post Office boxes for their royalty checks

O.K. MOG is actually an award-winning music subscription service streaming 11 million songs to multiple devices. It’s ideal for iPod, iPod Touch, Android etc. They do pay & support indie artists too so props to MOG. I was a victim of Napster

For $9.99/mo, subscribers can listen to unlimited music on their computers and smartphones

MOG was founded by David Hyman, former CEO of Gracenote, former SVP of Marketing at MTV Interactive. MOG is a privately-held company headquartered in Berkeley, California

“I could see myself opening up my wallet to MOG each month… MOG won me over with its trove of songs, ease of use and design sense.” – AP – Associated Press

“This app impressed us over four months ago… and now that we’ve tested the app in its natural environment, it’s hard to find much fault with it.” – Wired

Guess it’s worth a GO!

Unlimited Music On Demand. Try MOG Free!

7-day NO CREDIT CARD trial

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