FOX telling Lies

Breaking music news

Indie pop sensation, Glen ugly Naughty (a.k GuN ) has approved a new advertising slogan & plans 2 rollout a national advertising campaign for his records & blog called “FOX telling Lies”

A full run on all networks is anticipated including NBC, ABC, CWTV, Columbia Broadcasting System, & FOX

FOX  News C.E.O Roger Ailes anticipates no problems with the campaign as long it’s clear he’s prepaid & there’s no refunds

The 30 second spot features music by Mighty Fleiss Radio from a song called “A Wall Street Toy” in which he accuses James Murdoch of stealing his honey while Southwest

Glen Naughty forecasts selling one billion dollars from iTunes

Curtains wide at the Holiday Inn
Read the Sunday paper,
or sleep in
Young Murdoch,
took, my honey southwest
A warning,
don’t ever go through L.A.X
T.D Ameritrade NEWS on the NYSEThe text…

A Wall Street Toy
It’s the song News Corp tell lies about
Bill O’Reilly told lies
“This song does not exist”
Butt still
it’s real
& you though i was telling lies
A hole


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