45 ideas for life

Hi folks

A lot of kids have been asking where they can a get consumer & household type turntables. Also, A lot of kids are asking if Mighty Fleiss Radio (The Fleiss 7″ 45’s) r available in stores, so, all answer each request for information in turn

Technics turntable

A great resource for stereo systems, headphones, consumer electronics, & the like is the Panasonic online store

I’ve set links for a few killer Technics turntables that should plug straight into your stereo. Panasonic also have special Technics turntables for DJ’s whose controls are a little different. If you want a turntable for your house you’ll probably need the regular buttons, normal knobs, & dust cover

Technics turntable SL-1200MK2PK

n.b. indie records should be played @ A high-speed, preferably 45rpm, unless, instructions note otherwise
The reason 4 this is the faster the speed, the wider the groove on the wax, & the higher the quality of sound recordings

i’ve given much praise to Barnes & Noble for carrying vinyl records on their online store, but they do not carry 7″ 45’s which is naughty
Now. My apology. i may have mislead sum kids into thinking that my records are in the stores that i post about. That’s not true,  nor my intention. Barnes & Noble, FYE, SecondSpin.com, mom & pops and so on r all great record stores in their own right, but they not do not carry my 7″ 45’s

They are only available from MightyFleissRadio.com & can be ordered by Paypal (which takes Visa, debit, credit etc)

But Guess wot! It’s Christmas is JulyZY! Cause when u buy “Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings” a 4 song indie acoustic e.p on double 7″ by The Fleiss, i’ll ship my first single “I’ve Disappeared” with your order free

To sweeten the deal, a crisp ten dollar bill sent via Paypal will cover the stamps from the United States Postal Service, & i’ll pay the tax

To compare this deal to our regular pricing, or find out which songs are on the records, click here

This offer is valid in the US only. Guess Santa thinks your nice

Don’t forget, if you need a turntable, cool Technics models in the Panasonic store r ready 2 ship

Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)


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