Barbara Boxer Beer

Thank God it’ Friday

I received this package by United Parcel Service (UPS). The delivery contained the following oversize 3M Post-it note on the box

Dear Glen ugly Naughty (a.k GuN),

I trust you & your dog Barker  are well

Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful contributions to the arts. Mighty Fleiss Radio r on my iPod

I would like to extend this invitation for you & your friend Stanley Freeman to appear, & blow your bugle with pride, perhaps as an effort to spotlight Orange County Orchestra Concerts

Perhaps one day, when you’re dead,  your name & brass stars will be stamped upon by the boots of curious grungy tourists on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Not to break tradition with the treatment & respect received by aspiring
artists in this country, it goes without saying, that we cannot afford to pay you without rasing taxes

In lieu, please accept this humble gift, it’s booze in a box called Mr Beer


Barbara Boxer (D)
United States Senator
Democratic Party


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